From the Cradle of Liberty, Pennsylvania Leads the Nation with Private School Tax Credit Programs.

Penngift’s Tax Credit Scholarship Organization Initiative

Penngift’s Tax Credit Scholarship Organization initiative has provided millions of dollars to
private schools from Donors like your Company for 17 years. The Scholarship Organization Tax
Credit Programs Legislation (now, EITC, Pre-K, and OSTC) was written in 2001 by two Penngift
Board Members during the Ridge Administration. Penngift is a Scholarship intermediary solely
dedicated to helping private schools throughout Pennsylvania. Penngift Foundation, Inc. is
the Commonwealth’s leading policy Scholarship Organization.

Penngift’s Board (see below)

Penngift’s Board and Administration effort is proactive. This involves thousands of direct and
personal letters, phone calls and professional support in services with the Govt. Administration,
Commonwealth Legislators, Committees, Agencies and professionals retained by Penngift . All
to support private school Scholarship Awards to needy families/students. Why? The answer is
that our Board and staff consider this primarily a stewardship responsibility to Tax Credit Donors
and Private School families. Developing a strategic donor base for the future financial strength
of Donor-designated schools from the Tax Credit Programs is Penngift's paramount objective.
Building a Private School’s expanding proprietary Tax Credit donor base is a long-term, strategic

Penngift focuses on Three Strategic Priorities for their Donors Designated Schools:

  • 1 Tax Credit Programs relationship with their School and business donors is a paramount focus;
  • 2 We have a dedicated ministry mission to needy families with children attending each private school, and
  • 3 Penngift, viewed as PA’s leading Policy Scholarship Organization, continues to develop and feature leadership strength in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for private education . . .
  • in a well-structured, competently-led organization (To See Board Members Profiles, scroll down).
  • to sustain its stated Mission (a Brochure is available on request), and
  • to secure a reputation of integrity in setting standards and launching new initiatives.

A distinction of Penngift is to maintain absolute strict confidentiality about each donor name that is included in a School’s proprietary Donor Base, unless otherwise desired by the Donor. The former Speaker Pro Tem of the PA House, the Hon. Jerry Birmelin, is Penngift’s Eastern PA Regional Coordinator and an educator, Dr. Kathleen Miller, is our Western PA Regional Coordinator. These leaders facilitate school Tax Credit development programs.

Penngift Board of Directors

  • John M. Cassidy

    Dr. Cassidy is currently the Managing
    Director of Penngift Foundation. He is a
    consultant in international finance, risk management and government affairs. He has
    served as a New York Stock Exchange
    Company Executive, Dir. of Strategic Planning, Fmr. American Exp. Fin. Services,  Chief Financial Officer of Graco Children’s Products and
    Managing Director of CF Capital, Inc.

  • Sam Rohrer

    The Honorable Sam Rohrer is President of the
    American Pastors Network, a national broadcast
    and educational organization . For 18 years, he
    served in Pennsylvania’s House of
    Representatives and was the Chairman of the
    Commonwealth Caucus. As a long-time member
    of the House Education and Appropriations
    Committees, he has promoted and
    implemented legislation that supports private
    education and school choice for Pennsylvania

  • Mark Gillen

    The Hon. Mark Gillen is a PA Representative in the Legislature serving since 2011. Rep. Gillen is an Act 48 PA Certified Educator and a Licensed PA Emergency Medical Technician. He is a member House Education Committee, Secretary of the PA House Veterans Affairs Committee and former correctional officer in PA, also serving in local municipal and county levels.

  • Jim Cox

    The Hon. Jom Cox has served as a PA Representative in the Legislature since 2007. Rep. Cox is a Member of the Health, Judiciary, Labor & Industry and Urban Affairs Committees, serving the 129th District including parts of Berks and Lancaster Counties. Rep. Cox is a graduate of the Regent University School of Law. He served at the Rutherford Institute in Charlottesville, VA.

  • Jerry Thacker

    Mr. Thacker is Founder and CEO of Right Ideas, Inc., a strategic planning and advisory group. For more than 30 years he has advised businesses in the identification and implementation of high tech solutions. As a PhD candidate, Mr. Thacker has focused on helping CEOs become Transformational Servant Leaders able to contend with the digital disruption of today's invasive technologies. As a "CyberSmart Advisor" he is in demand as a leadership coach and strategist.